Ryan Holmberg

Ryan Holmberg - Asian Art and Comics: Historian, Critic ...

Ryan Holmberg is an Editorial Advisor to Vérité and has generously supported the project financially. As an art historian and critic, he is a frequent contributor to The Comics Journal, Artforum International, and Art in America. His essays appear in Vérité as well. As an editor and translator of manga, he has worked with Breakdown Press, Drawn & Quarterly, Retrofit Comics, PictureBox Inc, Black Hook Press, and New York Review Comics. He is also the author of Garo Manga: The First Decade, 1964–1973 (Center for Book Arts, 2010) and No Nukes for Dinner: How One Japanese Cartoonist and His Country Learned to Distrust the Atom (forthcoming). With almost twenty manga translations to his name, and numerous essays on the history of manga, he has played a key role in disseminating knowledge about gekiga and alternative manga. Once upon a time, he also lived in Mumbai and wrote about Indian art and comics.

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