Mitsuhiro Asakawa

Mitsuhiro Asakawa is a Japanese editor and manga researcher, specialising in gekiga for over 25 years. His career began in the early 1990s as the editor of the alternative manga magazine Garo from Seirindo. Several members started a new company in 1997, Seirinkogeisha, and launched a bimonthly alternative manga magazine AX in February 1998. In the last fifteen years, with the explosion of overseas interest in manga, he became the director of international rights for Seirinkogeisha until 2012. At the same time he edited many gekiga books, such as A Drifting Life (Yoshihiro Tatsumi),  Screw Style (Yoshiharu Tsuge), Cigarette Girl (Masahiko Matsumoto), Red Snow (Susumu Katsumata), Doing Time (Kazuichi Hanawa), Susumu Higa, Hiroshi Hirata, Takashi Fukutani. He has also edited other works such as a definitive study titled The History of Japanese Erotic Manga after WWII (Yoshihiro Yonezawa). As a researcher of gekiga, he has interviewed gekiga artists and has written a number of articles in various magazines and books.

Here’s Asakawa talking about ‘gekiga’.