Richard Short - Haway Man, Klaus! - Printed Matter

HAWAY MAN, KLAUS! by Richard Short, published by Breakdown Press

Klaus doesn’t sit in a tradition of comics that embrace an overarching narrative or delight in self-referential or meta-clique, nor does Klaus merit drawing comparisons of its sensibilities to those of other creations with a feline protagonist; Klaus remains its own creature. Characters swish off literal and metaphorical cliffs, declaring their love and allegiances in homily, swapping fragile hate-trust, and offering profundity and dilemma in its pithy prose…with a deep chest-quaking laugh frequently punctuating that rhythm. Cats, it appears, are great philosophers, and so are other invertebrates that suffer a pall on them  – from a life walking in despondence yet clearly energized despite itself. Klaus’ staticity is moving… in small doses. A three year journey cannot be sloshed like the first draft pint after a month at the hospice.

– Aniceto Pereira, writer and producer at Studio Ekonte, co-founder of Indie Comix Fest.