Japanese manga in Comix India!

We are honoured to have Mitsuhiro Asakawa, a Japanese manga editor and researcher with many books to his credit, as our Editorial Adviser. He was editor at the cult alternative manga magazine Garo, as well as one of the founding editors of AX magazine, which took over where Garo left off. His editorial advice and expertise in manga history will greatly help improve the quality of work featured in Comix India. Arigato Asakawa san!

Here is Asakawa san talking about gekiga.

Contribute to Vérité magazine

We’re looking to publish new short story comics and long series for future issues of Vérité. We prefer stories that are well researched and are broadly realistic, aimed at an adult readership. Genre fiction is welcome. We’re also interested in comics adaptations of Indian literature, preferably 20th century and contemporary Indian short stories and poetry. Visual narratives using black & white photographs (photo comic, photo-roman) are also accepted. They can be with or without text.

Send your ideas to editor@comixindia.org.

See submission guidelines for details.